Terms and conditions of use

The Customer declares to act, in purchasing the Products, for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out and therefore as a "consumer" pursuant to consumer law, including Legislative Decree lgs. 206/2005 (hereinafter, "Consumer Code"). The Customer accepts that, where he does not qualify as a "consumer", but as a reseller, wholesaler or, in any case, as a person who intends to purchase the Products for the purpose of subsequent resale and / or who operates in the exercise of his own business, commercial, artisanal or professional (also as an intermediary), these general terms and conditions will still apply, with the exception of: - art. 7, for which the Customer will not be able to benefit from the guarantee indicated therein; - of art. 8, for which the Customer will not be granted the right of withdrawal regulated therein; - of art. 13 for which the Customer cannot invoke the mandatory rules of consumer protection legislation of the country in which he resides or appeal to the court of the place where the latter is located; - of any other protection provided in favor of the "consumer" Customer, which reflect mandatory provisions of the law. Furthermore, it is understood that if the Customer is not a "consumer", the application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods will in any case be excluded. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the Products can only be shipped to the countries on the list that appears during the purchase procedure referred to in art. 3.1. It is understood that if the Customer chooses the "cash on delivery" payment method (ie, payment on delivery), this purchase will only be possible in Italy. The Customer, for the purpose of purchasing the Products, declares to be the person to whom the data entered on the Site (eg name and surname, e-mail address, shipping address, credit card, etc.) refer and / o to be entitled to confer them, guaranteeing their truthfulness and correctness and undertaking to hold the Seller harmless from any dispute, claim, action, claim by third parties in relation to the processing of said data carried out by the same. ~ Execution of the contract and delivery of the Product ~ Once the Order has been received, the Seller will send a summary communication via e-mail, including a detailed indication of the price, shipping costs and applicable taxes, the essential characteristics of the chosen Product, as well as the link to these contractual conditions in downloadable and storable. Once the purchased Product has been shipped, the Customer will receive an e-mail confirming the shipment and can check the status of the shipment in the "my account" section on the Site. The Seller ships to from Spain by express courier, which provides for delivery in about 1-3 working days throughout the national territory / in most of the IT locations and with flexible methods (Saturday, in the evening, by appointment, delivery to the neighbor etc.). In any case, the Seller undertakes to carry out the delivery within a maximum time of 30 (thirty) days from the day the e-mail is sent. above, without prejudice to the provisions of art. 61 of the Consumer Code. The Customer can request the delivery of the Product to his own address (e.g. residence), or, if available, to a different point. The Parties acknowledge that: - if the customer is absent at the time of delivery at the address indicated by the same, a further delivery attempt is ensured; in this case, the courier will leave a notice to inform the Customer that a second delivery attempt will be made the next working day; - in case of absence of the Customer even on this day (second attempt), the Customer will be contacted by the carrier in order to organize a new delivery attempt of the Product object of the Order. If this attempt is also unsuccessful, the Product will be placed on CD. "Storage" for 10 days in the carrier's branch closest to the shipping address indicated by the Customer. During this period, the Customer will be contacted by the Seller's customer service in order to release this stock. If the Product is not collected within the storage period, the Order will be considered canceled and the carrier will return the Product to the Seller, who will refund any sums already paid by the Customer using the same payment method (net of the costs of returns incurred by the Seller). The Customer undertakes to promptly check and no later than 8 (eight) days from delivery that the latter includes all and only the Products purchased and to promptly inform the Seller of any defect in the products received or of their discrepancies with the Order. Should the packaging and / or wrapping of the Products ordered by the Customer reach their destination clearly damaged, the Customer is invited to refuse delivery by the carrier or to accept delivery "with reserve". Once the aforementioned term has elapsed without the Customer having formulated any objections, the Products delivered will be considered definitively accepted, without prejudice to the provisions of the following articles. 7 and 8. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the stocks of Products are limited and that, therefore, the information reported on the Site about the availability of the Products is purely indicative and that some Products may not be available (eg because they are out of stock). In case of impossibility to execute the Order due to the unavailability, even temporary, of the Product, the Seller will notify the Customer within 30 days of receiving the Order, providing for the reimbursement of any sums already paid by the latter using the same means of payment. The Seller reserves the right not to execute the Order where the Customer is a person with whom the same has or has had a legal dispute, who has been involved in fraud of any kind (including those relating to payments by credit card and / or the release of identification data that prove to be false / incomplete), in any case by providing for the reimbursement of any sums already paid by the latter using the same means of payment.

Legal guarantee of conformity of the Seller, reporting of conformity defects and interventions under guarantee The Parties acknowledge that the Products are covered by a legal guarantee of conformity in application of articles 128 and ss. of the Consumer Code and, in particular, that the Customer has the right - in case of non-conformity of the Product (e.g. any defects), in compliance with what is specified in the following paragraph - to restore the conformity of the same, without costs for Customer, by repairing or replacing the Product or by refunding the Price. Under penalty of forfeiture, the Customer has the duty to report any non-compliance within and no later than 2 (two) months from the discovery of the lack of conformity, by writing to the customer address, indicating in the subject of the email "Damaged product, not compliant or incorrect sending ", reporting the non-compliance found and attaching (i) at least 1 (one) photograph of the Product in which the defect is clearly visible and (ii) the Order confirmation and / or the tax receipt. Subsequently, the Customer will receive an e-mail communication with instructions to proceed with the shipment of the Product for the Seller to verify the actual existence of the non-compliance. Where the latter is ascertained by the Seller, the latter will proceed with the repair or replacement of the Product or the refund of the Price with the same payment method used by the Customer (in the case of cash on delivery, by bank transfer to the coordinates indicated by the Customer. that according to the banking regulations in force, the holder of the current account must be the same as in the order). It is understood that the action aimed at asserting the defects not intentionally concealed by the Seller is prescribed, in any case, within 26 (twenty-six) months from the delivery of the Product, without prejudice to the Customer's right to assert the lack of conformity. promptly reported.


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